Sustainability Report 2017

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About this Report


This is Emirates NBD’s 2017 GRI Sustainability Report

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About Emirates NBD Group


Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the region, was formed on 16 October 2007 when the shares of Emirates Financial Market (DFM).

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Vision: To be globally recognised as the most valued financial service provider in the Middle East.


Mission: Every day we make our customers’ lives simpler by providing solutions that help them fulfil their financial aspirations.


Values: Every day the Emirates NBD value set is customer-centric, enables differentiation and is built on our most important asset: Our People.

Brand value growth in billions

2015: $1.78

2016: $3.4

2017: $3.53

Brand Growth

of the UAE public recognise our logo icon alone and link it to Emirates NBD

public recognition
We outperform

every other bank in the UAE on the YouGov Brand Index

We outperform

Business Overview


We spread the concept of Creating Shared Values (CSV) across all our operations. To us, this means investing heavily in the development and growth of our local economy and ensuring the prosperity of all our stakeholders.

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Sustainability Management


Listening to our Stakeholders

Trust and advocacy can only be achieved through implementing a focussed strategy to engage our stakeholders, while being ready to adapt to their changing needs.

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Governance, Ethics & Compliance



Emirates NBD’s governance framework enables long-term value creation for all shareholders alongside risk reduction, while managing change so as to achieve our strategic objectives.

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Risk Management & Business Continuity


Emirates NBD Group Risk Management has been instrumental, and proactive, in identifying major existing and emerging risks and risk drivers, measuring and managing such risks against the backdrop of changing macro-economic conditions that can influence the Group’s forward strategy.

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Innovation & Customer Experience


Customer Satistfaction

Our relentless customer focus bears significant influence on every employee’s performance and carries a significant weight in our annual performance management balanced scorecard.

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Customers can send requests through:

  • Our Branches
  • Call Center
  • Online & Mobile Banking Platforms
  • Relationship Managers

Customers can request information from:

  • Our Branches
  • Call Center
  • Website
  • Relationship Managers
  • Social Media

Customers can raise complaints through:

  • Our Branches
  • Call Center
  • Online & Mobile Banking Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Central Bank
  • Media

Responsible Procurement


The Procurement Policy requires that all vendors comply with our Bank’s Code of Conduct and demonstrate compliance with all UAE laws and regulations.

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Our People


Our Human Resources unit is constantly introducing unique and innovative engagement programmes, while opening new communication channels to ensure that all employees have a chance to voice their opinions and provide feedback.

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Our Social Investment


Social Investment Strategy

We continue to successfully embed CSR as part of our corporate identity, culture and business activity.

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Key Drivers
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Emirates NBD Vision, Mission, Values
Country Vision
Key Focus Area
Advocating for People with Disabilities
Financial Literacy
Supporting Areas
Health & Wellness
Women's Empowerment
Community Development
Impact Measurement
Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Stakeholder Engagement
Monitoring and Evaluation
Implementation Mechanisms
Exchanger Programme
Resource Mobilisation
Partnerships and Collaboration
Awareness and Public Engagement

Our Environmental Responsibility


We are committed to supporting the nation's vision towards a green economy and being an active citizen when it comes to environmental stewardship.

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go green

Green Auto Loans: Customers interested in purchasing electric or hybrid cars get preferred interest rates.


As a result of improvements to the physical environment, we achieved savings of AED 1,949,491.

GRI Standards Content Index


Our Sustainability report is in compliance with the GRI Standards. It summarises our commitment to our stakeholders and highlights our performance across socio-economic, environmental, community, and governance practices.

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Video Gallery

Save with the Green Auto Loan

You’ve got great ideas. We’re listening. Here’s how you can drive green and save at the same time.

National Day

A nation that sets the bar higher. Happy 46th UAE National Day


Emirates NBD is committed to supporting a world where there are no barriers for people with disabilities to achieve the same dreams and potential as everyone.

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